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Function Viewer 2D     Last UpdateF11/21/2006


Enter a mathematical function, and this program will render the function in a 3D space. You can change viewpoint arbitrary with an intuitive operation.

The function you input is a function of 'x', 'y' and 't'. 'x','y' represent the axis of coord the function is defined.And 't' represent time. For example the wave propagation in the direction of axis x is

If the function you enter is a function of time, like previous example, you can stop or restart the time with "Pose" or "Play" button.

ZIP   (172KB   BIN)
only for windows
The install is not requied.
Please decompress the downloaded file and execute   FuncView2D.exe   in the folder.

Change Viewpoint

Rotation Drug the middle button of mouse
Parallel displacement
Zoom In / Out [Pg Up] Key for zoom in, [Pg Dn] Key for zoom out
The distance of viewpoint [End] Key to switch the distance is finit / infinit
If the distance id finit, press Shift Key with [Pg Up] Key for shorter distance, and Press Shift Key with [Pg Dn] Key for longer distance
Reset [Home] Key initialize the Viewpoint

Interesting Functions

Please let me know if you find a interesting function.


Operands and Operators

xCoordinate x
yCoordinate y
PIcircle ratio

Binary Operators

Unary Operators
+xsign +
-xsign -
abs(x)Absolute value
floor(x)Maximum integral not exceed x
log(x)Natural Logalithm

Update History
11/16/2006 : Upload!!!!
11/19/2006 : Dealing with time dependent function

Please utilize this program for educational purpose.
Distributon of this program is free only for noncommercial use.
I don't compansate for any damage which may caused by this program.

Copyright (c) 2006 Nobuyuki Umetani, All Rights Reserved.